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Business people often consider academics to be ‘vague’ and not ‘pragmatic’. Contrary, academics object against the pragmatic approach to problems of many business people. However, both need each other. No innovation in business without academia, nor any progress in academia without testing of ideas in practice.
The objective of Scilab is to bridge the gap between academia and practice in the area of supply chain management . It is focused on bringing academically based renewal to business through business advisory services and to feed academia with practically relevant issues in research and education.
Bridging this gap is done through - amongst others - providing knowledge in the area of supply chain management. You will find references to thorough scientific and pragmatic articles on supply chain topics as well as reviews of books. Some of the materials consist of downloadble matter that can be used directly for (re)calibrating your own supply chain. Others are more thought-provoking and will leave you with questions instead of giving you direct answers.  
You will also find more information on Scilab services, as well a weblog (in Dutch) on recent issues in the press, directly or somewhat more faintly related to supply chain management.
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